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How We Promote

IBD will places ad's for your business on one of these internet directories. Since we are not in control of these websites as we use 3rd party sites to provide our service. We can not say which one or serveral you will appear in at any given time. One listing will be up at all times. We reserve the right to place your ad in any of these websites at our sole discretion.We use directories to increase your company's online presence. We place ad's and link them to your website to create a back link if you suppled us with your website address. Otherwise a basic listing will be provided based on what information you submitted. Google’s page ranking algorithm takes this into account and if a site with a high Google page rank links to your website. Then as a result your site will benefit by association. This will boost your own Google PageRank as we feel the more placement, the better. We are happy to manage this for you and through close affiliates we can create your logo, your website, create a app, or develop and manage your social media. Contact us today to discuss your company's needs.No guarantees are made or implied as we are not in control of any search engines. And only list your business in a directory as sold. 

About Us

IBD is mostly concerned with your return on your investment of advertising dollars and giving you the utmost in customer satisfaction. By providing a cost effective way to increase your online presence, our mission is to help companies grow their business with increased traffic on your websites by expanding online exposure with IBD trusted directories. At you can feel confident that your ad's have been placed, and will always be maintained.

Social Media

Our social media campaigns are dedicated to getting your brand widely recognized on all social media platforms, and to getting your brand talked about among other influences. Not every individual is aware of social media trends and changing techniques, so it’s useful to hire an agency like IBD to take your brand to the next level. Social media professionals know where to start, which platforms to use, and which type of content should be presented. It can take all of this knowledge to get your brand before its desired audience so contact I.B.D to discuss your companies needs today.

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Please reach out to us if you are interested in being listed in our directory. You can also join us on Facebook.

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